Your reservation in 4 stages:


1* Check the availability of the dates of hiring before reserving by consulting the diary of the reservations.

The information contained in the diary is given as an indication and updated daily.


2* Contact the owner using the form below or by e-mail with " ". Assure him your dates of pre-reservation, the times of arrival and departure, the number of occupants and the possible pets, your postal address and telephone number without forgetting to communicate to him the mode of payment for the DEPOSIT which you will use (credit transfer or payment "on line" on our site via the system PayPal which is secure).


3* You will receive by e-mail your leasing agreement signed by the owner as well as an access code if you want to regulate "on line" via PayPal the DEPOSIT (20% of the amount of the hiring) starting from the French page "Règlement" of our Website.


4* To finalize your reservation 


 - Turn over within 4 days maximum the signed contract with the amount of the DEPOSIT indicated by the owner.


- The BALANCE of the hire and the CLEAN-UP CHARGES (obligatory or possibly selected) could be sent

* The day of your arrival in cash, in bank check (Euros) or of accounts - cheques holidays,

* Maybe 15 days before your arrival in the event of credit transfer or payment on line by using your access code.